From June of 1977 to June of 1979, The Avengers played just over 100 shows, appearing with the Sex Pistols at Winterland that group's legendary last show, recording with Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and headlining dates with the X, the Go-Go's, and the Dead Kennedys. During their brief existence they released one 3-song 7-inch EP on Dangerhouse Records. A few months after they broke up the 4-song 12-inch EP came out on White Noise. In 1983 band members gathered together various recordings and put out a full length self-titled LP (the pink album)

As new generations of music fans discover the band, a never ending demand for recordings has spawned many bootlegs and two official releases, both collections of live and studio recordings, Died For Your Sins on Lookout! Records, in 1999; and American In Me CD on DBKWorks. [Both out of print but downloadable my sitewww.penelope.net]

Vocalist/lyricist Penelope Houston spent the years after their breakup traveling the world and cementing her renown as a biting and tuneful singer/songwriter. Her latest album is titled The Pale Green Girl.

Since 2004, she's joined with original guitarist Greg Ingraham to bring the Avengers back to life, completing the line-up with bassist Joel Reader and drummer Luis Illades. The new group is called the Avengers and sometimes the scAvengers, and is playing a few select shows in Europe and America.

Penelope Houston, vox (original Avenger)
Greg Ingraham, guitar (original Avenger)
Joel Reader, bass and vox (The Plus Ones, MTX, and scAvengers)
Luis Illades, drums (The Plus Ones, Pansy Division)
Danny Panic 2003 (screeching weasel)

Penelope Houston, vox
Greg Ingraham, guitar (1977-1978)
Brad Kunt, guitar (1979)
Danny Furious, drums
Jimmy Wilsey, bass
Sounds Like:
The Avengers
Record Label:
DBK Works