Alien Sex Fiend
Alien Sex Fiend
alien /'ayi.en || eilien/ adj 1a of or belonging to another person, place or thing; strange b foreign < ~ property > 2 differing in nature of character, esp to the extent of being opposed -+ to < ideas quite ~ to ours > 3 a person from another family, race, or nation; also an extraterrestrial being

sex /seks || seks/ n 1 either of 2 divisions of organisms distinguished as male or female 2 the structural, functional, and behavioural characteristics that are involved in reproduction and that distinguish males and females 3 vt to identify the sex of < ~ chicks >

fiend /feend || fi;nd/ n 1a DEVIL | b a demon c a person of great wickedness or cruelty 2 sby excessively devoted to a specified activity or thing; a fanatic, devotee < golf ~ > 3 one who uses immoderate quantities of sthg (specified); an addict < a dope ~ > 4 sby remarkably clever at a specified activity; WIZARD
ANFRAGE ZU Alien Sex Fiend